Employee Spotlight: Jack Gray

In Vrio, we value human capital above all else, it is our number one asset and our people are our number one priority. The importance that we place on our people is paramount to our success as a customer centric business.

By creating a working environment that is dynamic, fun, supportive, progressive and rewarding, we understand that a happy team reflects very positively not only within the business but with our customers too.

Employee: Jack Grey

Current Role: UK Office Manager

Location: Vrio UK, Northumberland.

About Jack

Jack is a local lad who was born and bred in North Northumberland. A keen follower of sport and a long suffering Arsenal fan (though he does point out that after their recent Community Shield win, he feels this is the start of a decade of Arsenal domination…..you have to admire his optimism).

Jack is a devoted husband and father, with two very energetic daughters under the age of 5, and least not forget the family cocker spaniel Chase (a very appropriate name for a Cocker Spaniel).

When not working, Jack enjoys spending time with the family, walking (or chasing) the dog, listening to music, watching movies and when the rare opportunity presents itself, getting down to the Emirates to watch The Arsenal.

 Claim to fame: “Meeting Tony Adams & Dennis Bergkamp at Highbury, legends”.

Jack of all trades… and master of most

Jack is another Vrio “lifer”, even at the tender age of 28, Jack has now been part of the Vrio team since 2009.

Jack approached Vrio asking to volunteer in order to get some basic work experience to help kickstart his career. Initially a little shy, Jack quickly gained in confidence, assuming more responsibility and talking his way into a full-time job as a VAT claims administrator to help support the growth of the Vrio business. The rest as they say is history….s.

Today in Vrio, as well as being responsible for our office operations in the UK, Jack is our UK and Irish VAT specialist, and is responsible for validating and presenting all UK claims that have been processed by the team.

As well as overseeing the management our UK clients and suppliers, Jack also lends a helping hand to our credit and accounts departments, working with our auditors to ensure all of the T´s are crossed and I´s dotted.

He has even been known to close the odd sale too……Jack really is our Universal Soldier!

What our customers say

“I have been dealing with Jack for over 10 years now and there is rarely a week goes by where I don’t speak to him. I know that if I have a question or doubt, Jack is the man to find the solution”.

 Colin, Kent

 What Jack says about Vrio

“I absolutely love the fact that we have such a family feel between us all in the company, the spirit is always very high, and I always know never to be afraid to ask any questions. The open and supportive culture makes Vrio a fantastic place to work.

I am also very grateful to the company for the faith that they have shown in me from day one when I was a young school leaver looking for my first career opportunity”.

What Vrio says

I remember Jack´s first day very well indeed…. he was nervous, palms sweating and on the verge of self-combusting (we have all been there)…..how things change.

Today Jack is responsible for the UK office operations and is responsible for quality checking and the submission of all UK and Irish claims to ensure our customers VAT refunds are managed with precision and efficiency.

His vast knowledge of the business processes, Vrio´s UK and Irish customers make him an invaluable asset to the team. It has been a pleasure to watch Jack flourish and mature with the business over the years.

Nick Renton, Vrio – Chief Operating Officer