A new C02 coefficient causes Germany to raise its tolls by up to 83%

Due to new EU directives relating to the reduction of CO2 emissions, Germany’s road toll tax will be calculated based on the vehicle’s emissions.

Germany is one of the first countries to implement the EU measure, approving an increase in all Toll Collect roads for Euro VI class trucks from December 1, 2023. This increase is due to the incorporation of a new C02 pollution coefficient for vehicles, which means that the toll rate per kilometer will additionally depend on the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by a vehicle.

On its webpage, Toll Collect explains the changes and gives more information regarding this important new change including:

Current changes in the German toll law on national roads

This increase will mean an extra cost for transport companies that varies between 68.5 and 83.2% and that will be added to the rate increase that was implemented at the beginning of 2023 for commercial vehicles and that ranged between:

  • 10.4 cents per kilometer for vehicles with Euro 2 engines and
  • 0.7 cents for vehicles of more than 18 tons, with 4 axles and with a Euro VI engine.
  • Vehicles registered before 01.07.2019 are automatically assigned to class 1.

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