Due to the huge increase in fuel prices during the 2021/22 campaign, a full tank of quality diesel is currently worth around €2000 making trucks on the road a significant target for those individuals and gangs looking to make easy money. Therefore the safety of trucks and their drivers has never been so important.

External investment funds understand the strategic importance of the Spanish market, especially in the food and retail distribution and are keen to let the companies carry on as normal with a clear-eyed focus on growth and stability.

Estefanía Sandoval, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer at Vrio answers a few brief questions about the current situation in the transport sector, the evolution of fuel prices and how Vrio is responding to the current market challenges.

In light of the current situation, Vrio has compiled a list of quick-fix cost saving tips and best practices for transport companies operating in Europe that can be implemented easily and cost-effectively to help counter the increased operational costs that the sector is currently experiencing.

Commission has launched a project with the goal to improve the conditions of rest and parking areas for lorries and their drivers within the European Union.

Is Blockchain really the new Supply Chain? Learn how Blockchain Technology will disrupt the Transport and Logistics sector in the near future.

The power of employer branding is becoming more and more important across all sectors, but in particular the transport and logistics sector!

There have been many changes that have taken place since 1972 and as we know, there must be many more to reach the levels that Europe intends to achieve to create a carbon neutral Europe by 2050.

At Vrio we are very aware of the current challenges being faced by our customers both in the UK and from across Europe in relation to the new legislative procedures that now apply to the movement of goods as a result of Brexit.

At Vrio we want to inform you of everything you need to travel with confidence to and from the UK from January 2021.