Bus and coach companies are an important part of the European tourism sector carrying hundreds of thousands of passengers across the continent each year. Managing route planning and avoiding issues on the road is therefore an important part of the day to day life of running a successful coach company. What do you need to take in to account?

Important considerations for coach companies travelling on the European road network.

What does a bus company need to be able to travel around Europe?

Toll Payment

More and more European roads are subject to toll payment and more and more of them apply these costs to coaches and buses that use the road network. There are currently some exceptions to this rule such as Germany and Belgium. Making payment for toll charges is therefore one of the largest business costs associated with travelling across Europe. Whether you use a toll device, fuel card or pay in cash, companies should ensure that drivers are using the most cost-effective payment method available to their vehicle type ensuring access to the largest discount structure possible as well as the largest number of country networks possible. Vrio supplies thousands of companies across Europe with devices for all types of light and heavy goods vehicles including buses and coaches that provide the most cost effective and productive means of paying European tolls. Furthermore, a dedicated section on the Vrio website gives traffic managers access to up-to-date information relating to each road network in Europe; costs, mortorways and exemptions. Access our toll page by clicking here. 

Fuel Cards

As in the transport of goods by road, in the transport of people, it is more convenient to use strategically located service stations that are well connected to the major routes helping to avoid complicated access points which provide a full selection of services for both drivers and passengers. An excellent option that can help drivers optimise their routes is, the Vrio-UTA card. This card is a valid means of payment in 73,500 locations, 53,000 of them being quality service stations located in 37 different countries. In addition to being able to refuel with the best fuel brands using a multi-brand card, it also allows drivers to make the payment of certain tolls, tunnels, bridges and Eurovignettes across the continent.


Travelling around the continent has its difficulties. Selecting the most optimal route is now an essential part of the delivery process. Goods and passengers in transit need to arrive on time, in good condition and as efficiently as possible. Controlling the fleet of vehicles, expenses, route selection is now a daily task in most mobility companies and to do this they need a potent GPS and Location system. To this end, Vrio developed the Optimo product which provides an efficient solution to more than 2000 customers across Europe. This tool has advanced satellite and mobile technology to guarantee the signal, being able to collect all the necessary information on a mobile device through its app. Optimo collects data when your vehicles is travelling generating route reports, from stops or individual travel times, to the distance travelled. In addition, you will receive alerts regarding infractions or low battery readings… among many other advantages that will make it easier for you to maintain an exhaustive control of your vehicle fleet and, therefore, will allow you to make your trips more profitable.

Coach parks

Secure parks are an increasingly important feature of an efficient road mobility. Choosing a secure park with the best available services such as restaurants, shops, bathroom facilities etc is therefore an important part of the offering that Vrio can supply to its customers to ensure their safety and security but also to help them reduce delays and losses on the road. Making a pre-reservation, flexibility through different payment methods and strategic locations are just some of the advantages that the Vrio app provides.

Tax Recovery

Another important consideration when travelling across Europe is how to recover the VAT costs associated with mobility in Europe. Vrio offers a fully integrated EU tax and fuel duty recovery service based on a fully transparent system that provides customers with the opportunity to follow their claims in our customer control panel known as Copilot. In Copilot, customers can see when claims have been made in each country, the claim amount and its status. Our tax apecialists are ready and waiting to help guide you through the recovery process guaranteeing an over 95% success rate when recovering costs on behalf of coach companies and transport companies.

Ferry and Tunnel

Coach companies often need to travel by ferry when moving passengers across Europe. Destinations such as the United Kingdom, the Balearic Islands or Scandanavia often require a reliable ferry booking service that provides cost-effective crossings in a full network that provides a one stop shop for all companies. With over 800 routes available in Copilot – Vrio is a leading ferry specialist with great advantages that cannot be enjoyed from other suppliers.


European Coach services supplied by Vrio

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