Improving transport through Pan-European Solutions has been at the heart of Vrio’s strategy for the last few years and by becoming an official partner of UTA Edenred, Vrio is committing itself further to that goal. Efficiency, mobility and control are buzz words around our offices where our customer care team is engaged with thousands of customers across the European continent on a daily basis, helping them reduce costs, run their operations smoothly and derive profit from a sector which has come under increasing pressure to perform at an extremely high level with decreasing margins.

At Vrio, we are monitoring the situation very closely and are in contact with various legal firms who will assist with the legal recovery process in Germany once this has been clearly defined.

As the politicians in London and Brussels continue to make very slow progress about the future shape of Britain’s relationship with the rest of the European Union, many important questions remain unanswered on a number of fronts and how we transition out of the “transition period”.

The Netherlands has joined other countries in the Euro zone (Germany, Italy or Austria, among others) applying protectionist laws to safeguard the interests of its workers and ensure that there is no unfair competition.

When taking the ferry a whole host of questions and doubts can pop into your head. In this latest Overdrive post, we attempt to answer some of the most Frequently Asked Questions that our Services Department encounter on a day to day basis. Hopefully these will help you plan for a more relaxing trip.