The Vrio Team, our best asset

With over 15 years dedicated to the transport sector, in April 2023, Vrio was recognized as one of the best companies to work for in Spain by the internationally recognised auditor a ‘Great Place to Work’. Working environment, respect, equality, camaraderie and transparency were all measures that ensured that Vrio was recognised as a Great Place to Work.

A big part of Vrio’s identity has always been its commitment to a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy that is focused both internally and on the local community. By focusing on 5 different areas, Vrio continues to contribute to the well-being of its staff and those who live and work in the local community with a major focus on the environment and sustainability.

The 5 pillars of our CSR policy are based on responsible management practices, sustainable economic activity, local engagement, environmental sustainability and above all the well-being of people in and around the business.

Our people are our most valuable asset and for this reason we carry out numerous actions aimed at generating a good working environment based and focused on respect, growth- opportunities and quality employment.

‘GPTW’ is a certification organisation that recognizes and aims to build Excellent Workplaces across Europe. To do this, employees of an applicant organization are asked to assess a number of factors within the workplace which then combined with the applicant’s internal policies  are judged by the organisation before any certification can be issued.

Employees receive a survey, which they carry out anonymously, in relation to their well-being in their workplace and, furthermore, a report must be presented to the GPTW organisation outlining the best practices within the company.

On review of the final report – it is clear that the most valued factor of Vrio´s employees is both professional development and continuous training. Highly commended for the training practices within Vrio, GPTW recognised the very high levels of satisfaction among the team for these areas.

A healthy work-life balance was the second factor that had the most impact in terms of employee commitment to the organization with employees valuing highly flexi time, working from home options, work loyalty schemes and general work environment as the most important factors that lead to this balance.

Beyond the office

With a strong belief that a happy work-life balance is key to a successful and motivated team, Vrio is constantly looking for ways to give it’s team the motivation, determination and skills to reach targets and surpass personal goals. That can only come with a mix of working conditions that allow people to live their personal lives in a way that combines favourably with a professional career that rewards loyalty, commitment, and success. Whether we are talking about away-days or a lunch together on a Friday afternoon – we are focused on sharing experiences and creating links between our team that facilitate better communication at all levels.

At Vrio we are firmly committed to equal opportunities for everybody and our award-winning internship scheme is one of the very tangible elements of our CSR policy which shows how Vrio helps to integrate young people into the world of work.

A new innovative work environment

In the context of our CSR policy, we made the decision to invest in the construction of a new headquarters that will be located in the business area of ​​La Polvorista in Molina de Segura, Murcia Spain. This building will allow Vrio to increase its workforce up to 150 people over 5 years ensuring it’s position as a leader of transport services in Europe.

Our new headquarters have a clear design focus: the health and well-being of the Vrio Team, as well as being a building designed to help reduce Vrio’s carbon footprint.

We are delighted to have been recognised by a Great Place to Work and we will strive to continue to innovate in order to find ways that mean everybody working in Vrio can be proud of the people, policies and practices that the company has come to represent.