With Cargo crime doubling in 2019 from 2018, Driver and Cargo security is now a top priority for Government and Transport companies.

With Cargo Crime on the rise……Driver & Cargo security is becoming a top priority at every level!

Cargo theft is not only very common, it is also very big business for organized criminals and gangs. Cargo thefts from supply chains in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) more than doubled to 8,548 incidents in 2019 and product loss totaled over €137 million, according to the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA).

The items that disappear the most are branded clothing, alcohol, tobacco, electronics equipment, and medicines.

Trucks continued to be the biggest target for cargo thieves, featuring in some 95% of all freight losses in the EMEA region. However, it is not only the financial and operational impact that these crimes have, the psychological impact these events can have on a driver can be very harrowing.

On the road, each transport company has different priorities, practices, and strategies to maximise security and optimise efficiency. Depending on the scale and the resources a company has at their disposal, these measures can vary greatly depending on fleet size, type of vehicle, age of the fleet, type of cargo, routes, in fact, there are so many variables that need to be considered it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start.


As they say, prevention is always better than cure.


Here we consider some of the prevention measures that a company can take to help reduce the risk to their drivers and cargo.


Secure Parking


Parking in a secure parking location greatly improves the security of drivers and their cargo. Companies should opt for secure parking whenever and wherever possible, there are a number of secure parking facilities across Europe which offer safe and secure parking with all of the facilities that are required to offer drivers a comfortable and secure rest.

That said, it is widely observed that there is a distinct lack of secure parking across the continent, forcing drivers to select less secure and often vulnerable locations to park their vehicles and cargo, making them an easy target for criminals and gangs.

Parking is a high priority at European level and there are several initiatives operating to encourage more businesses to develop or enhance their existing secure parking facilities for the transport and logistics sector. Read more about ESPORG and their initiatives to enhance the quantity and quality of secure parking across the continent. https://www.esporg.eu/

If secure parking is not available, then always try to park where there are other vehicles, do not isolate the vehicle in a location where it becomes an easy target for criminals to gain access to the vehicle

Fleet Tracking Technology & Vehicle Management

Whilst it is not always possible to predict and prevent a crime, there are a range of technologies that are designed to provide essential data that help reduce the possibility or at worst, allow for early detection that there is a problem:

  • GPS sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Panic buttons
  • Smart locks

These technologies are now widely available and are often linked to sophisticated platforms where companies can create alerts to help identify any abnormal or unexpected activity.

Smile, you are on camera….

On board cameras are also becoming more popular, both internal and external cameras now equipped with 4G connectivity and can also be configured to detect and record any abnormal activity as well as accident recording.

Good old common sense.


Effective monitoring and management of the fleet is also essential, understanding the drivers and their routes, including the hours of driving, estimated arrival times and routine rest places.  Identifying any changes to standard practices or patterns can often be an indicator that something is wrong.

Again, a driver can also help reduce the risk by selecting a location that is not isolated, park where there are other vehicles and drivers. An isolated truck in a isolated location will be an easy target for criminals.

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