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carreteras de España con peaje

In 2023, there is already a notable increase in changes in toll payment systems, both in Spain and in several other European countries. This dynamic is expected to continue in the following years, where tolls payment systems will be introduced on more and more roads.

Due to the huge increase in fuel prices during the 2021/22 campaign, a full tank of quality diesel is currently worth around €2000 making trucks on the road a significant target for those individuals and gangs looking to make easy money. Therefore the safety of trucks and their drivers has never been so important.

External investment funds understand the strategic importance of the Spanish market, especially in the food and retail distribution and are keen to let the companies carry on as normal with a clear-eyed focus on growth and stability.

The aim of this Overdrive article is to summarise the main routes in Europe along with the services we offer on each of them highlighting among other things the new “Auto-List” service.

Not only is the frequency of the controls higher, but the detection, processing and communication of sanctions has been streamlined and they are now issued in a matter of weeks, when it was previously common for them to be notified 1 to 2 years after the date of the infringement.

Estefanía Sandoval, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer at Vrio answers a few brief questions about the current situation in the transport sector, the evolution of fuel prices and how Vrio is responding to the current market challenges.

The task of comparing prices and opting for the options that best fit the needs of each company or carrier is increasingly complicated. Learn about the taxes and costs that are being applied to your ferry and tunnel reservations and how to optimize them.

In light of the current situation, Vrio has compiled a list of quick-fix cost saving tips and best practices for transport companies operating in Europe that can be implemented easily and cost-effectively to help counter the increased operational costs that the sector is currently experiencing.

Truck driver shortage is becoming increasingly demanded, due to fewer people want to dedicate themselves to this sector. We have interviewed one of our customers who tells us about his experiences in the world of road transport.

New technologies have managed to improve many aspects of our lives by simplifying processes that previously seemed too complex. This has also happened in the road freight transport sector.