Knowledge is power, as they say… therefore, having a GPS locator with a management platform for route and fleet optimization should be considered essential for all carriers, as they will allow you to access a wide range of detailed parameters and metrics. This data ranges from route evaluation with real-time traffic updates to precise data on fuel consumption, vehicle efficiency and driver behaviour.  

This information, in addition to helping you implement improvements and quickly detect problems related to vehicle performance, helps you avoid fines, diesel theft or save on vehicle maintenance, among many other advantages, which you can find in more detail below. 

Avoid frequent fines when on the road

Fines are an uncomfortable reality in the daily life of carriers and companies dedicated to road transport. With a Geolocation system such as Optimo, in addition to being able to monitor the behaviour of drivers and anticipate sanctions, you will be able to download tachographs and data within the established deadlines to ensure compliance with all legislative requirements. 

The remote download of the tachograph and driver cards is one of the most sought-after functions of Optimo by our customers who in keeping with European regulations must ensure the storage of all this type of information for a period of 2 years as well as guarantee that it cannot be modified.  

With solutions such as Optimo PRO, which combine sensor reading systems with GPS data giving you a clear picture of what is happening with your vehicle in real time, you can also plan your downloads, so that they are carried out periodically and remotely, without the need to spend time performing manual downloads when the vehicle returns to base. 

Protect yourself against diesel theft

The estimated loss from any single theft could reach €2 000 for each full tank, and geolocation systems are one of the best protections against these thefts through a system of fuel drainage control. 

These fleet management and GPS location systems, in addition to providing agility and control, such as the one mentioned, include numerous security systems such as warnings of door openings, or temperature changes in refrigerators, all of which help avoid theft and unnecessary and unwanted costs.  

Given the situation, it becomes almost mandatory to keep track of fuel usage through applications or external devices, in order to obtain detailed information about the vehicle’s fuel consumption. 

Secure your cargo

Better driver behaviour when on the road leads to an immediate reduction in fuel costs, maintenance costs for vehicles and their components, such as brakes or tires, but also provides advantages such as “safely securing the load” by adjusting the driving style and speed to the load being transported. This measure stands out among the main basic recommendations to ensure cargo safely.

Optimization of your fleets, routes and drivers

Optimo’s internal route and fleet optimization system is one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use systems on the market. Your needs are evaluated and the system creates a customized solution allowing you to keep more profit in your pocket.

There is evidence showing that if the average speed of a truck is reduced from 90 km/h to 80 km/h, approximately 10% less fuel is consumed, which in turn reduces the number of liters consumed per 100 km traveled to 3 . Based on normal driving hours, this could equate to a reduction in consumption of up to 20 liters per day, 600 liters per month or 7,200 liters per year. If we take into account current fuel prices, this can only bring significant savings for any operator.

Maintenance of your fleet

The cost of repairs is certainly not low and many believe that European workshops inflate prices when they see a truck with a foreign number plate pull in.

Having your trucks and trailers serviced regularly at one of the local dealerships or even with your own mechanics is undoubtedly the most cost-effective way to avoid any nasty surprises on the road and to comply with legislation that it is becoming stricter, with roadside inspections becoming more frequent and exhaustive.

With the fleet management system, in addition to having all the data of your vehicles registered on the same platform, you will be able to register the maintenance dates and the system itself will notify you of the maintenance dates of your vehicles.

Do you know what Optimo offers?

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