Employee Spotlight: Michelle Sherry

In Vrio, we value human capital above all else, it is our number one asset and our people are our number one priority. The importance that we place on our people is paramount to our success as a customer centric business.

By creating a working environment that is dynamic, fun, supportive, progressive and rewarding, we understand that a happy team reflects very positively not only within the business but with our customers too.

Employee: Michelle Sherry

Current Role: Tax Recovery & Sales

Location: Vrio UK, Northumberland.

About Michelle

Michelle, originally from Birmingham moved to North Northumberland with her family when she was young. Today Michelle is a dedicated mother of two and a very proud Grandmother to her recently born Grandson (We agree, she simply doesn´t look old enough to be a granny…..”Primark Vitamin C cream, twice per day” Michelle tells us). When Michelle isn´t working and gets the rare chance to let her hair down, she likes to disconnect by going to music festivals and watching live music (a huge Killers fan), reading, camping and visiting new places.

Claim to fame: “Meeting Stephen Hawkins on my 40th Birthday in Tenerife”.

Michelle in Vrio

Michelle joined Vrio in 2008 within our sales department, responsible for generating and maintaining customers from across the UK & Ireland, Michelle has over 12 years of experience working in the sector and has a fundamental understanding of the challenges transport companies face on a daily basis. During Michelle´s employment she took a short career break to focus on her young family before returning to the business within our Tax department. Michelle is partly responsible for processing Vat and Diesel excise duty claims on behalf of our UK, Irish and Northern European customers and splits the remainder of her time in the sales department, as a natural people person she enjoys having regular customer contact and has built up strong relations with our customers during the past 12 years. Vrio created a role that was mutually beneficial both for the business and Michelle, splitting her time between the tasks that she enjoys most and is naturally good at within the Vrio business framework.

What our customers say:

“I always deal with Michelle, she is always very helpful, knowledgeable and supportive when I call for information or support with a specific query”.

Lesley – Northern Ireland.

What Michelle says about Vrio:

“Working for Vrio, no two days are the same. Splitting my time between Sales and Tax reclaims means my job role has plenty variety which I love. Vrio offer me flexible working which makes my life as working mum much easier. We have a great sense of team spirit, we all work together really well to make Vrio the best it can be. I am lucky to work with many people who I not only call colleagues but friends which makes for a better working environment” ?.

What Vrio says:

Michelle is truly part of the furniture in Vrio and is one our universal soldiers, having worked across many aspects of the business including sales, credit and tax, Michelle has a great understanding of the business processes, products and services that Vrio offer. In addition, Michelle’s supportive nature and focus on customer service makes her very popular with both our old and new customers, she is a great ambassador for Vrio and a superb team player, simply, we love having her on the team! –

Nick Renton, Chief Operating Officer