According to data from the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA), Spain is the fourth European country with the highest number of thefts and attempted thefts of trucks, with 11.4%, behind Great Britain (13, 9%), France (16.2%) and Germany (31.1%).

The vast majority of attcks on vehicles take place in company depots themselves or during driver breaks (63%). During breaks, thefts in unsecured car parks are much more numerous than in secure car parks, multiplying by 5 the chances of being robbed if you do not take rest periods in a car park with effective security measures.
One in three Spanish truckers has experienced some kind of cargo theft. There are many transport and logistics companies that are consistently investing more every year in security measures, particularly as fuel theft attempts have increased significantly as prices have increased since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The European Commission increasingly regulates and standardizes Secure Parking areas in the hope of helping to guarentee the safety of both drivers and merchandise when on the EU road network. Another motivation of the Commission is to help contribute to improving the rest conditions of drivers, through basic minimum services. By providing better rest for drivers, working conditions will be improved and road safety is also hoped will improve.

The use of secure parking lots, for the safety and control of vehicles, is essential in any fleet today. The main transport associations demand that work continue to build a larger and better network, both in Spain and in Europe, and that it has all the necessary services for transport companies and professionals.

Essential services

Safe and Secure rest areas must have basic minimum services, such as showers and toilets, internet access, food and drink purchase options to provide basic comfort levels. Equally important is the provision of services to improve the management of the reservation, payment and availability, to be able to include safe and secure rest when planning routes.

At Vrio, taking into account the needs mentioned above, we have constantly adding new areas to our network of secure parking lots, with more than 200 secure parks now active throughout Europe, helping to guarantee the safety and comfort of the driver and cargo. Furthermore, acceptance in the Vrio network depends on the variety of complementary services provided for carriers as well as the ease with which reservations in the parks can be made which helps our customers with route planning. Our PRE-RESERVATION service, is an essential part of how apps like TruckNB help increase driver and cargo safety.


Guarantee your SAFETY by pre-booking your secure parking

Rest easy knowing your vehicles and loads are completely safe, is just a tap away! Vrio and Axxés present you the Trucks’nB application:

Reservations available in strategic routes across France.
Reserve up to one week in advance.
Parks with the best surveillance systems.
Pay directly with your Bmoov or ViAxxés device.
Trucks’nB is the first parking reservation application made by and for carriers. Download the application and the reservation guide that we have prepared so that in just a few minutes you can benefit from this new service and you can rest easy on the road by clicking on this link. We are here so you can focus on what really matters, your business.