How to optimize costs in your ferry and tunnel reservations

In the current economic climate, and in particular the volatility with global energy prices, like haulage companies, the shipping companies are also facing huge challenges in fuel purchasing which inevitably will places upward pressure on pricing within the supply chain and in turn with the price of goods for the final consumer.

There are several taxes that are added to the base price to be able to face the increases which act as a variable pricing levy to counter energy pricing fluctuations.

The task of comparing prices and opting for the options that best fit the needs of each company or carrier is increasingly complicated.

First, this article will explain the different taxes and costs that are being applied to your ferry and tunnel reservations, as they are currently defined across the various providers, and secondly, how we are working at Vrio to offer you more and better options to optimize your reservations and with the best conditions.

As we are all aware, ships are also fuel-powered, and given the size of these boats, fuel plays a pivotal role in market pricing, as consumption on this scale tends to be measured in tonnes per hour, which gives us some perspective on the importance of fuel pricing.

Pricing modifications are implemented through various fuel surcharges, supplements or taxes:

BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor)

This supplement involves a periodic adjustment made by the different shipping companies on the base price of freight reflecting the cost of the fuel used for the crossing. This surcharge is separated from the base price, as the price of oil fluctuates to a greater extent to that of freight costs.

EVA (Electricity Value Adjustment)

On the other hand, the Eurotunnel has also begun to apply since April of this year a supplement known as EVA (Electricity Value Adjustment), also called “BAF electric”, due to the increase in the price of electricity, as the Euro shuttles work using this source of energy.

Otros costes

In addition to the surcharges mentioned, depending on the routes you need to book, other additional costs may include port taxes, ADR, second driver, accommodation (longer/overnight crossings) or electrical connection (plug-in) for temperature controlled transport.

Vrio, more and better options

We are committed to an increasingly clear and simple management, Vrio´s new autolist service, for example allows vehicles to ship without a prior reservation. With the registration of the vehicles in this service, the vehicle will automatically ship on the next available boat after arrival in the port, without penalties and obtaining a discount on the price of the reservation.


Keeping our customers fully informed is also a priority, and with Copilot, Vrio’s online customer management platform, you can easily manage all aspects of your shipping:

  • The different shipping companies we work with to expand your booking options.
  • All routes available with real-time schedules.
  • The total price of your reservation, including the base price, additional supplements, taxes and surcharges.

Updated Information – Keeping you informed

As well as being able to view your pricing and reservations in Co-pilot, Vrio also sends a monthly update of your rates for the main shipping companies, so that you can study the different options and adapt your routes to find the most efficient and economical solution.  


To reduce the time spent managing a ferry reservation, we have made available to our customers the option of auto-list with the main shipping companies.

  • The operation is very simple: simply pre-register the vehicles with Vrio on the desired routes, without the need to do a reservation each and every time the vehicle travels. When the vehicle arrives at the port, the vehicle will automatically be identified and allowed to embark on the next available departure, simple as that. Saving you administrative time in the initial management and time to the driver on arrival at the port.
  • With the autolisting, from Vrio we register the license plates that you indicate in the main shipping companies from France to the United Kingdom.
  • Apart from the simplicity offered by this service, the payment of cancellation penalties disappears and reservations get a discount of up to 5%.

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