Arriving on time is essential

All transport companies recognise the importance of arriving on time and are conscious of the many issues that drivers face when on the road. More and more customers approach Vrio every day asking for help with the payment or appeal of traffic fines or infractions that so often mean that their vehicles are blocked on the European motorways for long periods of time. Vrio is always ready to help with advice on the complex European legislation that governs the different European road networks helping customers avoid problems and fulfil their obligations by arriving on time.

During the last few months, one of the biggest headaches for our customers has been the increase in controls in the Belgian territory, which has meant an increase in the number of fines received for both companies and self-employed drivers who travel in Belgium. Not only is the frequency of the controls higher, but the detection, processing and communication of sanctions has been streamlined and they are now issued in a matter of weeks, when it was previously common for them to be notified 1 to 2 years after the date of the infringement.

Up-to-date information, agility and efficiency

In order to reduce the impact that this situation can have on your business, the following suggestions or measure should be taken into account:

Close contact with the Belgian authorities

  • After many efforts, Vrio has managed to establish closer links with the Belgian authorities, who now provide us with periodic notifications of all Vrio-managed toll devices that have been detected circulating in Belgium which are suceptible to fines (possible due to disconnected cables, malfunction, incorrect weight or license plate data …) and in turn we take care of transmitting this information to the affected customers allowing them to quickly rectify the issue at hand and in turn avoid heavy fines being issued.

Dedicated account managers and 24-hour emergency service

  • Each customer has a dedicated account manager, who together with the support of our 24-hour emergency service, ensures that our customer’s journey runs as smoothly as possible eliminating the barriers that may arise while on the EU road network.

Measures to avoid sanctions

Making drivers or users of the devices aware of the importance of data configuration, checking that the network is active on the device before crossing the border, checking the device is active and making sure it is connected to the power supply, is paramount.

Measures that can be taken to avoid economic sanctions related to the electronic toll device:

  • Check before starting the trip that the device you are carrying is active in the networks of the countries where you are going to circulate. To do this, with the device connected and entering the main menu, you will see that there is an option reserved for the subscribed services or networks.
  • Verify that the information displayed on the device screen is correct. It is very important that the license plate of the vehicle appears correctly, and that it is configured with the number of axles and the corresponding weight category. Also, the lights on the device should be green when connected.
  • The device should always be connected to the power supply, preferably directly to the vehicle battery (through a fixed connection), instead of the lighter connection. The main reason for fines in this country is the detection of the vehicle with the device disconnected.
  • Notify Vrio immediately if the device has any anomalies or problems. If the error has been reported to the highway at the time it occurs, a solution can be put in place that avoids any economic penalties being issued.

Different types of tolling technology

Currently, there are two different types of technologies for the payment of tolls: by shortwave technology or by satellite technology (GPS). The first option refers to countries that operate with tolling barriers: if the vehicle carries a device valid for that country, a signal will be sent to the barrier that will scan the device and activate the toll barrier. On the other hand, satellite or GPS technology refers to countries that do not have barriers, instead by tracking the vehicle by satellite while circulating in the country the toll company then generates the costs to be applied.

IMPORTANT: A multi-country device may open the barriers even if it is not connected to the power supply, but this does not ensure that it will work when entering a satellite technology country.

Do you to travel to Belgium? Have you received fines in other countries in Europe? Do you have 24-hour emergency assistance? Contact us and make sure you arrive on time.