Vrio becomes Official UTA Partner in UK & Ireland

Since its foundation in UK in 2007, Vrio has become a successful service provider for the commercial transport of goods and passengers, offering fuel cards, toll products, tax refunds and settlement of ferries and tunnels. Improving transport through Pan-European Solutions has been at the heart of Vrio’s strategy for the last few years and by starting a sales cooperation with UTA, a leading provider of fuel and service cards in Europe and an Edenred company, Vrio is committing itself further to that goal. After the start of the cooperation in 2020 on the Spanish market, the partnership has now been extended to UK and Ireland.

Efficiency, mobility and control are key words around the Vrio offices where the customer care team is engaged with thousands of customers across the European continent on a daily basis, helping them reduce costs, run their operations smoothly and derive profit from a sector which has come under increasing pressure to perform at an extremely high level with decreasing margins.

The UTA Full-Service Card: Network, Security & Value

We are delighted to offer customers in the UK and Ireland the UTA Full Service Card due to the number of advantages that this product provides:

Features and advantages:

  • More than 53,000 accepted service stations in 37 countries
  • Attractive pricing
  • No card or account fees
  • One card, one invoice

Not just a fuel card…. UTA does it all:

  • Processing of fuel and lubricant purchases
  • Settling of tolls, tunnels, and bridges
  • Processing of accessories purchases at Service Stations
  • Settling of parking and cleaning of vehicles

 Advantages of the UTA service centre:

  • Real-time card and account control
  • Service station finder
  • Digital card management
  • Reporting

We recognise that you need a mobility solution that keeps you moving across the continent with the security that comes with an international brand like UTA, an Edenred company. UTA – recently voted “Best fuel card service provider for SMEs 2021” in a survey conducted by German Wirtschaftswoche magazine – provides more than just fuel: It offers a whole lot more! As well as providing safe and secure transactions, customers benefit from the value of the UTA products and services available as well as the quality of the management tools provided free of charge with the cards.

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