Employee Spotlight: Lucía Molina

Employee: Lucía Molina.

Current Role: Customer Services – International.

Location: Vrio Spain.

About Lucía

Born in Murcia, in the South of Spain. To escape, Lucia loves spending time at the beach and enjoying the spectacular weather that Murcia has on offer. A lover of music and in particular “metal” is the music that rocks her world.

Having spent so much time on the beach growing up, Lucia developed a sense of adventure and a desire to travel from a young age. It was no surprise that Lucia jumped at an opportunity to move to Eichstätt in Germany, with a desire to learn another language (she is fluent in three languages) and experience another culture, Lucia gave up the sunshine and beaches of Murcia for the less balmy climate of Bavaria.  Having spent many years living and working in Germany, Lucia is now a fluent speaker of the language and more importantly a lover of German beer, though admits a cold beer in the hot Spanish sun is just as refreshing.

Having returned to the sunshine of Murcia in 2017, Lucia successfully took up her position with Vrio. When Lucia is not working, she enjoys taking long beach walks, scuba diving (she feels like a Disney Princess when fish approach her), looking after her 3 dogs and discovering new places (Backpacking through Peru or south Africa are high on the wishlist) and rediscovering old ones.

 Claim to fame: “I can’t recall. Met a few people , but I wasn´t particularly excited about them”.

Lucía in Vrio

Despite having limited sector knowledge, Lucia´s direct and no nonsense approach to work meant that she learnt quickly and made her the perfect fit within the Customer Services department. A natural problem solver and team player, Lucia has established a reputation and respect within the business as a person that ´gets things done´. Naturally in a business like Vrio her language skills are a fantastic asset to the business and these are used on a daily business to help our customers on the continent.